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We bred our first dog in 1975 & since 2001 we have focused on breeding our smallest national breed, a small dog with a rich history that has close ties to the history of our country.

All the members of our dog pack are current visitors of our veterinarian & are regularly vaccinated. All our Prague Ratters are examined for Patella Luxation. Every pregnant female dog is regularly checked by a vet & the birth of a litter is monitored by the vet over the phone.

You can meet us at the exhibitions several times a year. We regularly attend club events. While searching for suitable partners for our female PK’s, health is a priority number one for us. We try to get a use of modern medicine & we’re not even against homeopatic treatment.

We bring up our puppies in a normal home enviroment & we are getting them used to normal busy life. We don’t treat our puppies as porcelaine dolls. At the contrary we are bringing up a small, healthy doggy with a big heart. When the weather si warm our dogs spend most of their time in our big garden where they play while being watched over by our St.Bernard female.

It is not possible to reserve unborn puppies. You can find an update on our puppies on our website under NOVINKY.

You can usually start reserving puppies about 14 days after their birth. We try to be responsible in finding new owners. We are not against selling puppies abroad. After mutual agreement we require an advanced deposit on a reserved puppy! You can come to visit the puppies at their age of 5-6 weeks earliest. We only sell puppies with pedigree papers & at the age of at least 9 weeks.

The puppy is repeatedly de-wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped. An EU passport is issued for each puppy. All puppies are checked by a breed advisor & veterinarian. For the journey to the new family the puppy is given a welcome package with a food bowl, sleeping mat, treats, dry doggy food, toy & puppy user manual.

A contract of purchase goes without saying.

We welcome contact & feedback from new owners. We are very interested in knowing how our puppies are growing & doing in their new families.

Above all we use pratical experience gained for over 40 years of breeding.